Group Fitness Manager
RPM / Body Pump / Cx Worx

Ange joined a Les Mills gym while at university in 1995 due to an injury that took her away from playing team sport.  Les Mills group fitness classes became her team sport.  Throughout her years of study (and following her graduation) she ended up working at Les Mills as a receptionist, sales consultant and Group fitness instructor.

She has been instructing Body Pump for a very long time (more time than she wishes to admit!) She has taught RPM for the past 9 years and CX Worx more recently.  Ange loves the Les Mills programmes and delivering these programmes to Nfinite members.  “For me, it is about the connection to the music, the choreography and the members that makes the experience so rewarding.  The members at Nfinite are an awesome community with great energy and support each other in achieving their fitness goals and I feel privileged to be a part of that.”


Body Balance / Body Pump / Body Combat / Cx Worx / GRIT Coach

Rose currently teaches Body Balance, Body Pump and Grit strength. Fitness is a huge part of her life with her husband and children enjoying many different sports and active activities. When she’s not instructing, whether at Nfinite or PGA she teaches at Wycliffe Nga Tamariki Kindergarten full time.

So she’s mad for children, animals and exercise! For Rose, life is all about balance, she works hard, exercises harder and spend as much time with her beautiful family as she can. The greatest thing for Rose is seeing the achievements from gym members completing a workout whether it’s a grit class or balance class. “I love seeing the exhausted smiles and happy moments of personal challenges accomplished.”


CX Worx / RPM

Kaye has always had a passion for physical activity which is why she became a Physical Education Teacher. Her passion extends to all age groups which is why she enjoys teaching group fitness classes.

She has competed in ‘3’ NZ International Ironmen, many Half Ironmen and leisurely partakes in mountain-biking, which is why RPM is a program she is passionate about. Kaye also teaches CX Worx which is an excellent core-strengthening programme that benefits her sport of Waka- Ama/Outrigging in which she competes at National and International level. Both programmes compliment the fitness, mobility and core strength she needs to paddle competitively.


GRIT Coach / X-Train

Jono is the owner of Nfinite Fitness and also a personal trainer. Fitness is his passion and has been a huge part of his life for a long time. He believes you get out what you put in, in life and gets great enjoyment out of seeing people achieve their goals.


BOXFIT / Team Training

Due to Naomi’s competitive boxing background, she knows first-hand how hard a boxer has to train, and what’s required, to increase their speed and agility, endurance and strength.

She uses this knowledge and passion, along with her 16 years Personal Training background, to teach a class that drives you to push harder, using various boxing drills. If you love being part of a team environment, then come along to boxfit for a challenging but fun and rewarding class, and become part of our #boxfitfamily.


GRIT Coach / Cx Worx / Body Pump

Jax has four children, French born and moved to New Zealand in 2005. His fitness journey began when he placed in the top three at his first bodybuilding competition in 2008.

He enjoys training and advising people on how to get the most out of their fitness goals, with the belief that food is 85% of achieving your results. He is also a Les Mills GRIT and CX instructor! Jax is also a hairdresser by trade with 35 years of experience.

Ashley T

Grit Coach

In 2016, a friend invited Ash along to her Body Balance class and changed her life. She quickly fell in love with group fitness and is a self-professed Les Mills Addict. In that year she lost 11kgs, while completing her final year of nursing studies.

She not only became fitter and stronger has made her not only physically stronger and fitter but found Les Mills has had profound effect on her mental health and uses the awesome atmosphere in the classes at at Nfinite as her way to relax. She returned to Hawke’s Bay in 2017 with her two children and works as a theatre nurse at the hospital. Ash started instructing GRIT Strength in August and absolutely loves motivating and driving her participants to achieve the full benefit of HIIT training, in a fun and friendly way. She loves this new opportunity to share the Les Mills love and inspire others the way her first instructors inspired her!


Body Balance

Bec began her career in the fitness industry in 2003 after returning from her OE. She qualified and worked as a personal trainer and then as a Pilates instructor for many years and also loved attending Les Mills classes.

Having a strong interest in yoga and Pilates along with a drive to motivate and inspire others, becoming a Body Balance instructor was an easy choice. After a break from teaching, for family, study and to focus on a different career, Bec is very excited to be back instructing, especially with the Infinite team. Along with a passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Balance will always be a part of Bec’s life, “Body Balance is a great way to build strength and flexibility, to be calm and centred. We all live such busy lives, Balance allows us to bring things right back, simplify, breathe and be present.”



Mark did his first RPM class in January 2017 and has been a RPM-junkie ever since! He credits RPM with helping him shave 27 kgs of his weight, reduce his stress massively and it’s been the cornerstone to turning his life around! In fact, he loved the programme so much he became an instructor.

The combination of great music, wicked choreography and working out in a fun, friendly group environment is inspiring and serves to really keep members coming back over long periods of time to achieve their personal fitness goals! RPM is a massive cardio rush and burns calories like crazy #bringiton!


Body Attack

Mike was a nationally ranked sprinter in NZ so has always loved training and exercise. After injuries started to derail his sprinting career, he needed something new that was physically demanding, in order to fill the void.

He started with Body Combat about 7 years ago and made the natural progression to Body Attack. He fell in love with the program as it linked to so many of the training techniques he did as a sprinter. The music and the Body Attack beat is also so inspiring, that it made him want to push himself to his extreme limits. It has taken him a long time but he finally made the decision to become an instructor and has absolutely no regrets.



Body Attack / Grit Coach

Nikayla decided after having her second baby that in order to keep up with two busy boys she needed to get into shape. After living a completely sedentary life and not exercising at all she joined a Bootcamp late 2016.

After a short stint at a boxing gym she found herself at Nfinite and started taking part in the Les Mills programmes. It’s fair to say a passion (or perhaps an addiction) was born and six months later she started training as a Body Attack Instructor. She believes it’s never too late to bring fitness into your life and has found Les Mills to be absolutely life changing!


Sharon has participated in Les Mills Group Fitness classes since being a teenager. Her love for the programmes kept her hooked. Training in a group environment made exercise fun and wanting to go back again. Exercise can be hard at the best of times, so making it enjoyable is a big key.

After moving to Hawkes Bay from Auckland with her children and husband, she quickly found a gym doing Les Mills classes. In 2007, Sharon was approached about training up to be an instructor. After a little moment of terror wondering if this was something she could do, she put aside her fears knowing that she too could bring the same passion and fun, she had experienced, into her classes. It was the best thing she ever did. It gave her confidence in herself, which she didn’t always have. Teaching brings so many great rewards and one of these have been meeting amazing people along the way. As well as helping them on their fitness journey, she has formed some long-lasting friendships.


Body Balance / RPM / Body Pump / Body Attack / Body Combat / Cx Worx

Rach began her love of Les Mills when she was a 15yr old teenager, back in the day of G-string leotards and leg warmers!  Since beginning her Les Mills teaching career 13yrs ago, she still loves to teach every single time she takes the stage.

The glue that holds it all together are the members here at Nfinite and the wonderful staff.  Seeing people progress from the very first class they attend right through to the members who consistently attend every week is inspiring.  Supporting people’s love/hate relationship of fitness and providing an environment where people can exceed their expectations is something Rach loves to be a part of.  Motivational music, great choreography, social events and fantastic people = a winning health and fitness atmosphere and Nfinite Fitness has definitely achieved that!