Nfinite Staff



Owner / Operator

Jono is the owner of Nfinite Fitness and also a personal trainer. Fitness is his passion and has been a huge part of his life for a long time. He believes you get out what you put in, in life and gets great enjoyment out of seeing people achieve their goals.



Michael has come a long way since starting here at Nfinite, originally working a few small shifts on the desk, he has made small steps in the right direction, seeing himself with a solid client base for personal training, as well as taking on the manager position here at Nfinite. Michael also runs the popular and hardcore conditioning class, with Jono, known as NFI-HIIT.


Gym Instructor

Jaspar lives and breathes functional training, from running barefoot, to unconventional training styles of climbing trees and rock climbing. Jaspar has always taken different paths to reach his goals and help other reach theirs.



My role is at reception! I love working in the gym industry as sport, fitness and health has always been part of my everyday life and I love it. I’ll be heading to uni in Auckland next year to do first year biomedical and am most likely going to be doing the medical imaging course after that, with the health science course as my back up plan!

The main sport I did was competitive swimming for 10 years at Greendale, however I just recently stopped and am swimming with the Tri-group which is a bit more relaxed. I have also done netball and basketball most years at school!

I am always there for a chat at reception so don’t be afraid to come say hi!


Gym Instructor


Gym Instructor