Gym Staff.



Owner / Operator

Jono is the owner of Nfinite Fitness and also a personal trainer. Fitness is his passion and has been a huge part of his life for a long time. He believes you get out what you put in, in life and gets great enjoyment out of seeing people achieve their goals.

Phone : 021 0231 3771




Megs began her journey discovering the importance of physical fitness at a young age as a NZ high performance gymnast. She has also represented HB in netball, tennis and cricket. Megs is a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer, as well as a PE teacher, working in New Zealand, Australia and most recently the Middle East. She is competitive to the core and loves to push her clients outside their comfort zone in order to reach their full potential!

Phone : 021 169 1418



Gym Instructor

Jax has four children, French born and moved to New Zealand in 2005.

His fitness journey began when he placed in the top three at his first bodybuilding competition in 2008. He enjoys training and advising people on how to get the most out of their fitness goals, with the belief that food is 85% of achieving your results. He is also a Les Mills GRIT and CX instructor! Jax is also a hairdresser by trade with 35 years of experience.

Phone : 027 966 9572



Gym Instructor

Michael is 24, from Hawkes Bay and is tremendously passionate about fitness. He’s recently earned his qualification as a Personal Trainer and also holds a diploma in Screen Production, so it’s like Spielberg meets Schwarzenegger. When it comes to physical activity he’s constantly active here and outside the gym, always keeping his body moving and trying to find its peak potential. “Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.

Phone : 022 100 3266



Gym Instructor

Jaspar is a person who has always been physically active from a young age, especially involved in running and football. After overcoming years of chronic fatigue, Jaspar found solace when he joined a gym, developing a new found confidence and strength through his training. He believes in a holistic approach to training, lifestyle, and nutrition to help people enjoy the freedom of movement and longevity of health no matter what their age.

Phone : 027 716 3072



Gym Instructor

Brendan has been into exercise since joining his first gym in 2009. Growing passionate for health and fitness he studied in sports and recreation at EIT. He’s a big advocate in resistance training and attempts to mirror a young and hungry Jamie Oliver in the kitchen. Your fitness journey starts now, ‘Sic Parvis Magna’, Thus small things. Great things come.

Phone : 021 0888 8911